Thursday, 09 Aug 18



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Shivani Sharma

Monday, 20 Aug, 11:07 AM

Nicely written. Loved the products, will surely try 🌸

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yashvanth jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 11:09 AM

Amazing Content. Keep going :)

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Monday, 20 Aug, 11:09 AM

Natural and useful

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Pratik Jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 11:15 AM

Worth a try. Astounding!

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Pooja jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 11:17 AM

I love this brand, nicely written post

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Vaibhav Jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 11:24 AM

A very Educative and we'll organised post.

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Monday, 20 Aug, 12:06 PM

I am so obsessed with their new range of products,i want to try their eye cream and u have put everything in detail , thanks for sharing this information

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Monday, 20 Aug, 12:16 PM

Amazing content - educative ... in depth knowledge looking forward for more !

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Yash Kareliya

Monday, 20 Aug, 12:59 PM

Himalaya products are so good!!I always use them and thanks for the information of the new range.

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Vishal jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 01:10 PM

Amazinng stuff

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Piyush balar

Monday, 20 Aug, 01:14 PM


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Kajal Jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 01:21 PM

Well written and informative content. Love the products.♥️

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Jinal jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 04:20 PM

Amazing product and amazing you❤️

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Maya Jain

Monday, 20 Aug, 05:21 PM

Informative content. Will surely give it a try ✌️

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Friday, 24 Aug, 09:34 AM

Beautifully written. Thank you for the much needed information :) and I love Himalaya products too!

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